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'Bondades del Sirope de Arce'
La Tercera Newspaper

Maple Syrup, pancake and Chilean fruit by David Schneider, Virginia Wesleyan College, Norfolk,VA 



Welcome to the Maple Home family company, where we have the pleasure to offer in Chile the exclusive organic maple syrup from the Canadian exporter Thompson's Maple Products. This product is organically certified by the Canadian organization called Pro-Cert. We sell maple syrup in glass bottles ranging from 50ML to 500ML and in plastic jugs from 250ML to 4 litres. We can ship our products where you are in Chile without any additional charge on you, depending on postal office services and your location.

Our maple syrup is available in grade Canada No. 1 light and medium. As maple syrup is lighter, this means better quality. This is an appropriate ingredient to serve on ice cream, cereal, fruits, pancakes, waffles or any food that you like.

Please, feel free to make any comment at marcelo.diazperez@gmail.com about your experience with our products and service. Our primary goal is that you feel at home in your experience with Maple Home.















Maple syrup

Traditional North American breakfast in Canada and the USA.






Pro-Cert. Canada's foremost national certifier of organic food products.








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